Transcriber for WhatsApp – Android App

With the free Android app “Transcriber for WhatsApp” you can convert voice messages into text.

Have you received a WhatsApp voice message but are currently unable to listen to it? Thanks to the free Android app “Transcriber for WhatsApp” you can still find out what you can hear in it. The app converts received voice messages into text so that you can read them comfortably and respond immediately. German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Russian are supported.

Transcriber for WhatsApp: convert voice messages into text

The operation of the app is simple: In WhatsApp, you share your voice messages with “Transcriber for WhatsApp”. The app then analyzes the voice message and outputs the result as text. If you are not satisfied with the result text, you can increase the quality of the conversion.

However, processing then takes longer. Since the processing takes place on a server, an active internet connection is required for “Transcriber for WhatsApp” for analysis.

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